About the Artist

Amy Williams completed her Master of Fine Arts in Metal at the State University of New York at New Paltz in May of 2014. Her hobbies include: thinking too much, making things, interjecting useless trivia into conversations, unironic geekery, baking.  She has been employed as a metal restoration specialist on projects ranging from brass coal scuttles and cast iron sculpture to silver shipwreck coinage and gold altarpieces,  has worked in a pewter foundry specializing in fantasy and gaming figures, taught college-level metalsmithing, and decorated a ton of high-end wedding cakes.  She received a Bachelor's Degree in Humanistic Studies from the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay in 2006.

Amy's primary medium is vitreous enamel, finely-ground glass which is fused onto metal in thin layers at around 1450 degrees Fahrenheit; the technique dates back to antiquity and can be used to create work with incredible longevity and nearly-permanent color.  For more information about her uses of enamel, please see the Process Blog.  Other media employed include metals, wood, plastics, plaster, found objects, paint, glass, ink, shadow, graphite, animal products, cardboard, sugar, digital technologies, and interpretive dance.