Aliens, Cyborgs, and CGI

(This is an older post which apparently wasn't displaying correctly, so I've tried to fix it.)

So. This is not rendered in Rhino.  Still, all of these are heavily CG, and sometimes I have a hard time accepting the fact that we live IN THE FUTURE and these moving pictures come out of magic boxes that live in our houses.

First off, the amazing teaser for Cyberpunk 2077.  Ahhhh, cyberpsychosis.  I've actually not played Cyberpunk (just Shadowrun), but I'm digging what they've got going here.  The figures are a mix of scanned and rendered, with the actress primarily scanned.  (See behind the scenes here.)  CD Projekt Red is doing the game while Platige Image was mostly responsible for the trailer.

Character designer Aaron Sims is responsible for the next little gem, which may be on its way to feature filmdom.  Behold Archetype:

And since what would robots be without aliens, here's Kaleb Lechowski's R'HA, which appears to be  entirely his doing except for sound design and a voice actor:

Thanks to io9 for finding the latter two!